Landscape photography inspiration by Kilian Schoenberger


I’m a professional photographer & geographer from Germany; born in 1985. My aspiration was always to cut my path as a photographer with an own creative perspective – despite being colorblind. I recognized that I could turn this so-called disadvantage into a , too and strength developed my own unique photographic view: E.g. while getting a picture of a chaotic forest scene, I can’t clearly distinguish the different brown and green tones. Brushing aside this “handicap”, I don’t care about those tones and just concentrate on the patterns of the wood to achieve an impressive image structure. Currently I have two residences: One in Cologne and one near Ratisbona in Bavaria. My photographic work concerns the whole range of topics from natural landscapes to cityscapes. For landscape photography I prefer high and temperate latitudes and alpine landscapes. I like the harsh beauty of those areas and the peculiar melancholy that surrounds them. Mostly I am shooting with a CANON EOS 5D II and the 17mm and 24mm TSE lenses.

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